Where to Buy Fiberglass Rebar

You can buy fiberglass rebar from several retailers and manufacturers. Here are some options:

where to buy fiberglass rebar
where to buy fiberglass rebar
  1. Lowe’s – They offer Owens Corning PINKBAR+ fiberglass rebar, which is suitable for various residential and light commercial applications such as foundations, basement floors, and walls .

  2. The Home Depot – They also carry PINKBAR+ fiberglass rebar by Owens Corning, among other options like 7/16″ x 20′ fiberglass rebar and other composite rebar products designed for corrosion resistance .

  3. Wellco Industries – Offers fiberglass rebar that is noted for being stronger in tensile strength than steel and significantly lighter, which is advantageous for easier handling and installation .

  4. TUF-BAR – They manufacture high-quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar, which is a durable alternative to traditional steel rebar, offering 100% protection against corrosion .

These retailers provide a variety of fiberglass rebar sizes and types suitable for various construction needs. You can visit their websites or physical stores to purchase the rebar or get more details.