Plastic Stakes

Very durable and long-lasting. Won’t splinter, crack or break down like other materials.

Available in various colors – easy to identify different plants.

Lightweight for easy use. Won’t leach chemicals into the soil.

Inexpensive option that provides support for seasons of plant growth.

Plastic stake case 1

In a long-term soil monitoring project in a forest water gathering area, plastic stakes numbering tens of thousands succeeded in long-term fixed point identification to collect important hydrological data in support of decision-making.

Plastic stake case 2

In a wind farm construction project, plastic stakes accurately positioned the locations of hundreds of 1350KW wind turbine tower bases to support high-quality construction.

Plastic stake case 3

In an experimental plot demarcation project in a pastoral area, plastic stakes clearly delineated the boundaries of dozens of square meters of experimental plots to ensure data integrity.

plastic stake
plastic stake2
plastic stake3

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