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FRP Floor is a high-strength flooring product made of environmentally friendly fiberglass polymer composite material. It is made of a combination of nano-fillers and fiberglass reinforcement, and is molded under high temperature and pressure to provide high strength and durability.

FRP Floor is hydrophobic and oil-resistant, does not absorb water and does not rust. It is not easy to cause accidents due to slippery feet in public places. It has a strong stress dispersion ability, and will not be deformed or discolored for a long time, FRP flooring is hard and smooth, easy to clean and hygienic.

FRP Floor is completely environmentally friendly as it does not add VOC volatiles in the production process. Compared with traditional cement flooring, FRP flooring is quick to construct and easy to install. According to different application scenarios, it provides a variety of colors and styles for choice.

FRP Floor has been widely used in many industrial plants, subway stations, shopping malls and other public places. As a high-performance and environmentally friendly paving material, FRP flooring is recognized as an indispensable new flooring product in the digital city of the future.

FRP Floor

FRP Floor Case 1

In order to improve work efficiency, an automobile parts factory decided to use FRP flooring to pave the whole production workshop. FRP flooring is hard and easy to clean, ensuring the hygiene standard of the process, and at the same time, it is durable and wear-resistant, and has been used in the workshop for 5 years at high frequency.

FRP Floor Case 2

FRP Floor is used in subway transit station, effectively blocking rainwater infiltration and ensuring clean and hygienic space in the station during the peak traffic period. 5 years of use without any breakage or stains on the surface of the FRP floor.

FRP Floor Case 3

A large shopping mall in order to ensure that customers shopping experience, choose to use a variety of colors delicate FRP flooring to cover the mainstream channel. The leveled floor enhances the atmosphere of the mall while providing a comfortable shopping environment for customers.

FRP Floor
FRP Floor
FRP Floor

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