Wood Stakes

Affordable and readily available option. Various types of wood offer different qualities.

Softwood stakes are lightweight but may rot faster. Hardwood stakes are denser and more durable.

Familiar material that works well for many gardening and farming uses.

Wood stake case 1

In a river bank restoration project of a hundred miles long river landscape, fine-grained wood stakes were used to clearly plan dozens of key procedures of the entire river course, guiding hundreds of workers to restore the landscape in an orderly manner.

Wood stake case 2

In a large-scale urban park greening project, tens of thousands of wood stakes were used to flexibly divide the whole project for construction schedule management, maximizing efficiency.

Wood stake case 3

In a city theme park design and construction project, delicate wood stakes were used to clearly separate multiple construction periods to ensure synchronous and efficient advancement.

wood stake
wood stake2
wood stake3

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