ECO Fiberglass Fencing

FRP fencing is an environmentally friendly protective fence made from the composite material fiberglass. As a plastic composite material, FRP material after high temperature and high pressure molding, through a trace amount of filler and fiberglass fabric through the reinforcement, to become a tough and stable fence structure.

FRP fencing uses a recycling process that is ecologically friendly. Its structure has been strengthened, has a high strength, can resist extreme weather and natural erosion, and anti-corrosion performance is outstanding, not easy to rust and other aging problems.FRP fence is lightweight and easy to install, and at the same time can be customized to adapt to different specifications of the height of all kinds of venues.

The surface of FRP fence is clean and smooth, and the color is different and abundant to choose. It is easy to install and can be used for many years when it is fixed on the foundation. Compared with traditional fence, FRP fence has better overall protection performance, longer service life and low maintenance cost. It has been widely used in industrial parks, residential neighborhoods, schools and other types of safety and environmental protection projects. 

Application case 1

A new viaduct project in a large city, in the erection process, the need for temporary fencing work area to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians below. The project used 1,000 meters of FRP fencing to successfully separate the construction area from both sides of the highway to ensure the smooth progress of the construction. the FRP fencing is durable and will not rust, and can still be used after 4 years of completion of the project.

FRP fencing
FRP fencing

Application Case 2

Coal mining area needs to be protected by long-term fencing. We purchased 2,000 meters of FRP fencing and set it around the perimeter to isolate potential safety hazards and protect the surrounding ecological reconstruction. The FRP fence is still performing its duties after years of use.

Application Case 3

An auto dealer built a new 4S store, set up 300 meters of FRP fencing around the perimeter to separate it from the surrounding area and avoid secondary development affecting the order of business, and the luster of the FRP fencing lasted long and became the new highlight of the 4S store.

FRP fencing

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