The Geogrid stands as a pinnacle in engineered solutions.

The Geogrid dedicated to delivering essential structural stability and reinforcement for both residential and commercial applications.This innovative product is specifically designed to enhance the construction of retaining walls when used in conjunction with various block or wall facades and gravel fill.
  • Structural Stability: The Geogrid is engineered to provide unparalleled structural stability, ensuring that your retaining walls are not only robust but also capable of withstanding the test of time.
  • Versatility in Construction: Compatible with any type of block or wall facade, this geogrid seamlessly integrates into your construction project, offering flexibility and adaptability to diverse design preferences and requirements.
  • Lightweight and Rigid: Experience the convenience of easy handling. The Uniaxial Retaining Wall Geogrid is not only lighter but also more rigid compared to fabric alternatives, making the installation process efficient and hassle-free.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Time is of the essence, and our geogrid understands that. With a user-friendly design and installation process, you can have your retaining walls up and standing in no time, saving both time and resources.
  • UV Resistance: The Geogrid is crafted to be 100% UV resistant, ensuring that it maintains its structural integrity and appearance even when exposed to the harshest sunlight.

Geotextile mesh

The 3D geotextile mesh is a new type of grass protection material for soil and water conservation, which can effectively prevent soil erosion, increase the greening area and improve the ecological environment.

In the turf did not grow before, can protect the surface of the ground from the erosion of wind and rain, at the same time in the sowing of the early stage of stabilization of grass seed; plant growth up to come from the plant roots, stems, leaves rot grass system and the net body composed of a composite protective layer can be subjected to high water levels, large flow rate of rainfall scouring; can be a replacement for the concrete, rhombus blocks, masonry, and other slope protection materials, is mainly used for highway, fell road, river, dams, slopes, and other slope protection.
  • Exclusive Permeability & Soil-Friendly:
    This is no ordinary landscape fabric – it’s a specialized solution for major construction erosion control. Perfect for use under concrete or pavement, our geotextile mesh allows for efficient drainage, making it ideal for applications such as retainer walls and walk paths. However, its primary purpose is to handle heavy loads and high traffic, setting it apart from standard weed-stop fabrics.
  • Widely Usage for Diverse Projects:
    Geotextile Mesh is your versatile ally for various construction needs. Whether you’re dealing with drainage, separation, or filtration, this mesh excels in applications such as French drains, erosion control, driveway underlayment and retaining walls. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of construction projects.
  • Easy Installation and Setup:
    It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and a breeze to install or cut into precise dimensions. Simply roll it down and place it in the desired area – a hassle-free process that saves you time and effort.
  • Made to Last:
    Invest in longevity with our Geotextile Mesh. The key is to avoid direct sunlight. If used as ground cover or a weed barrier, ensure it’s buried with 1/4 foot of mulch or gravel, providing protection against the elements and ensuring enduring performance.