ECO FRP Ladder

FRP ladder is a high strength industrial safety ladder product made of FRP composite material. By mixing FRP powder and reinforcing fibers such as carbon steel wire into epoxy resin, the FRP material is molded at high temperature and high pressure through layer pressure molding technology.

FRP ladder adopts modular design, different ladder sections can be flexibly combined. It is made of FRP material, which not only has the advantage of light weight, but also has the strength comparable to steel ladder. the surface of FRP ladder is smooth and non-slip, and through the Nano composite treatment, the product insists on the long service life.

Compared with traditional steel ladders, FRP ladders have higher corrosion resistance. It will not rust due to long-term storage or use in harsh environments. In addition, FRP ladder is more convenient and lightweight for construction and installation. Through customized design, it is widely used in energy, chemical, environmental protection and many other industrial fields.

Application case 1

A power station was planning a power outage for maintenance and needed safe access to the transformer room. Five 10 meter FRP ladders were purchased to provide reliable access at working height, helping to speed up the completion of the work.

Application case 2

Chemical storage tanks need to be cleaned and serviced during regular operations. The project utilized a three-section modular FRP ladder for internal access to complete the task safely and reliably.

Application case 3

A FRP ladder was chosen to access a well for repair of a city drainage system. The ladders have been used for a long time without damage and have become an important tool.

FRP Ladder
FRP Ladder
FRP Ladder

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