Organic Solutions for Plant Care & Increasing Yield

Facing difficulties such as frost, sunburn, weeds, pests, etc. and yet you still want to remain as organic as possible?  Don’t worry, you can find organic solutions from us that don’t utilize pesticides or herbicides. We design and manufacture fabric products for various applications, such as an insulated frost cover fabric, UV sunblock shade cloth, row coverings for a mesh weed barrier, and more. We also offer customized organic solutions, so tell us what you want, and we will make it come true.

Shade Cloth

Row Cover

Shade cloth netting is made of durable material, it is lightweight, high-strength, aging resistant, and easy to popularize in a large area. It can keep vegetable gardens and greenhouse cooler and protect plants from direct sun. Garden shade cloth for the patio is a great choice.

Floating garden row cover can protect your plants from insects, frosts, and even heavy freezes. We carry diverse selections to fit a multitude of bed widths and lengths. You also can choose different thicknesses (or grades) of covers according to the different needs of garden plants to make sure the plants grow better.

Weed Barrier

Plant Stake

Weed barrier fabric, also known as “garden ground cloth”, “weeding cloth”, and “grass control cloth”, is a kind of plastic cloth to prevent weed growth with good air permeability and fast water seepage. There are woven and non-woven weed fabrics, both are durable and can be repeatedly pulled. It can be used everywhere such as weed control, seedbed protection floor surface protection, etc.

Plant stakes are used to keep plant straight as they grow. We supply plastic coated steel stakes and fiberglass stakes, they are great alternative to bamboo and wood stakes, will survive more growing season than bamboo stakes and wood stakes. The stake can also be combined into structures to make greenhouse and low tunnels.