About Us


Wellco Industries combine manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing in a way that will satisfy your needs from our multi-industry product portfolio of fiberglass, agricultural and lifestyle goods. We look forward to your OEM requests, or wholesaling goods to your dealership or purchasing directly from our websites and on-site store.

Wellco Industries has since been creating and growing its business across multiple industries and building many brands, including Eco Pultrusions(FRP) , Agfabric(agricultural solutions), Shatex(domestic goods) , Marvbike(bicycles) and so on

Wellco Features

who we are

A global, consumer centric, multi-industry provider of solutions

Worldwide wholesaler offering international and domestic logistics

An on-line retailer offering blind drop shipping for small local shops

what we provide

Fiberglass products (FRP - fiberglass reinforced plastic)
Agricultural solutions
Bedding products
Home goods

how we do

Design & Manufacturing [OEM]

where we are

4 manufacturing facilities overseas
A 90,000 square foot warehouse in USA
Marketing & service team in USA
Websites by brand and industry
3rd party e-commerce platforms
Nationwide dealer network

Our mission

Ensure our customers maximum value by:

  • Controlling costs viautilizing the most economic materials and methods
  • Providing high quality goods and services from beginning to end
  • Often offering immediate shipping and blind drop shipping
  • Customizing orders to customers exact specifications
  • Being available 24/7

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