What products can be made with FRP pultrusion profiles?

In the construction of the city, you will see a lot of FRP pultrusion fence, its bright color, long service life, beautify the environment at the same time brings a very good practicality. In fact, FRP pultrusion profiles are made of FRP class guancun, so what products can BE made of FRP pultrusion profiles?

The FRP pultrusion profile is made of unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix and dense continuous glass fiber covered by glass fiber felt as the reinforcement material.  Dense fiber core layer makes the profile has the advantage of tough and firm, so that it has a good bending strength and impact strength, glass fiber felt increased the transverse strength of the profile, the surface of the formation of a rich resin layer, so that the profile has good corrosion resistance, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements processing into a variety of products.  

Using FRP pultrusion profiles made products are: stair step guardrail, platform, and walkway fence, pool fence, chemical storage tanks, street guardrail, FRP molded parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray, FRP pipe, FRP pipe, FRP rods, FRP rectangular pipe, fiberglass beams, FRP bracket, FRP pultrusion grille, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, etc.


It can be said that FRP pultrusion profiles produced a lot of products, the scope of application is also very wide, such as: chemical processing plants, Marine construction, food and beverage processing, oil smelting, paper industry, sewage treatment and transportation industry.


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