The home spins the 3 big effects that 4 sets are in the bedroom

Now the fast pace of work, study, life, so that friends often feel tired. I want to fight off fatigue. A good night’s sleep will help you do that. The ideal is full, reality is very skinny. Around people often complain: sleep is not little. But I can’t wake up. I often feel sleepy during the day. Go back to the source. Poor sleep is at the root of the problem. And the reason why you can’t sleep better is often hidden in your bedding kit.

The area that the bed occupies inside the bedroom is not big. But it is a major part of the interior decoration. Home spinning 4 sets are playing a decisive role among them. Because the home spins 4 sets to want to have the following 3 big effects at least in the bedroom:


(1) heat preservation, the heat preservation of home textile four sets is mainly reflected in the selection of some fiber materials woven fabrics with very good heat preservation. And is the use of some fluffy soft and strong resilience of flocky cotton, silk or camel hair and down and chemical fiber elastic floc and other ideal filling materials to do the lining core. And make sure that the bedding can maintain a certain thickness. A combination of fibers and air. It can well reduce the thermal conductivity of bedding. Can raise the warmth of bedding thereby.

(2) moisture absorption. Even when we are at rest, sweat is constantly expelled from our bodies. If the water can not be timely through the use of bedding absorption, moisture, and evaporation. Then the thermal conductivity of the bedding and the humidity in the bedding will be increased. It’s easy to get wet and uncomfortable.

Therefore, the home of the four pieces of the set of direct contact with the body of the mattress. Sheets and quilts, most will choose some natural fiber raw materials. So you can get better moisture absorption and permeability effect.
(3) resilience, the resilience of the home textile four-piece set includes the looseness of the fabric and the filling fiber and its recovery performance after compression. The resilience of compression is for the padding material of the bedding. We are in the process of using the cushion cover. It can easily be caused by the weight of the human body. Therefore, it is easy to cause deformation of the fiber. As long as a long time will cause fiber hardening. It loses its original puffiness and fullness. This phenomenon is unavoidable for cotton fibers.


bedding set

Filling materials with relatively good compression resilience include silk cotton, down, wool, and so on. And chemical fiber flocculent fiber due to low density. And the lightness is good, also has been gradually used as one of the bedding filling materials. Chemical fiber products, if made mat mattress, is easy to send hard knot. And its moisture absorption is very poor. Therefore, it is less used in other bedding textiles.


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