The characteristics and advantages of Fiberglass ladder

FRP extension ladder between the climb up one of the necessary tools when people undertake high construction in life often need to use the glass fiber reinforced plastic extension ladder, different FRP telescopic ladder is different for people, especially for the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic extension ladder, is primarily a can help people in senior maintenance and construction process of higher construction tools, There are many kinds of insulating ladder. People can choose insulating single ladder, insulating joint ladder and absolutely FRP telescopic ladder according to their own needs, so that people can be more helpful in construction. Then, the characteristics and advantages of insulating ladder in people’s use are:

1. FRP expansion ladder is different from other ladders
Is a non-conductive, and the appearance of novel, beautiful and generous work
With good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and decay resistance
Performance characteristics, light weight, easy to carry.

2, FRP expansion ladder has a very good low water absorption,
Flame retardant, when in a fire, it has a good resistance
Combustion characteristics, easy to handle, people can put when not in use
Store it in a dry room and it won’t affect people
Life, in need of use can be used directly.

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