How to use outdoor shade cloth

The use of outdoor shade cloth is relatively simple, and you only need to cover it where you need it. However, there are still many precautions for the use of outdoor sunshade cloth. The following will introduce you from several aspects:

outdoor shade cloth
outdoor shade cloth

Daily Maintenance

Outdoor sunshade cloth is generally made of plastic-coated cloth material. If tree sap, dust, and other attachments accumulate on the surface, it is prone to mildew, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. When using the outdoor shade cloth, it should be kept inclined, so that the attachments can fall naturally and reduce the damage to the shade cloth.

Breakage Repair

If the outdoor shade cloth is damaged, it can be repaired at home by yourself. At present, there is a sticky repair glue on the market, which can be used to repair the sunshade cloth. After repairing, put it in a cool place for 3-5 hours, and then use it after the glue is completely dry.

Remove mildew

If there is mildew on the outdoor shade cloth, it can be easily removed by mixing bleach and soap. The specific dosage is 110g of bleach, 60g of soap, and 4L of water. With a soft brush, mildew can be removed, but only limited to the front of the shade cloth.