How to make a bamboo fishing pole?

Most anglers buy fiberglass rods or carbon rods from fishing tackle stores, which are easy and convenient. In fact, if you have the conditions (there is a bamboo garden near your home or you can find bamboo), it will be fun to make a pair of fishing rods. Just imagine, there is a pair of homemade shiny and shiny bamboo fishing rods by the pond with fishing rods. It is very unique, and a beautiful fishing rod is like a beautiful handicraft. The method of making bamboo poles is simple, the materials are easy to find, and it does not cost much. Now I will introduce the method of making fishing poles from bamboo poles.

fishing rod made of bamboo
fishing rod made of bamboo

The bamboo poles are mostly made of light bamboo, water bamboo, purple bamboo, and reed bamboo. The 2-3-year-old bamboo that is not old and tender, with dense bamboo joints, no insect eyes, and no trauma should be used.

Because the fishing rods used in Taiwan fishing are not long, two bamboo rods with different thicknesses of more than 1 meter each can be selected, and a small thin bamboo is selected as the tip of the rod, and the total length is between 3 and 5 meters.

Grind off the bamboo joints first. If the bamboo is not straight, you can use the branches and leaves to burn a fire, put the bamboo on the fire and bake slowly, straighten it with your hands or feet while baking, and bake until the bamboo oil seeps out of the surface of the bamboo. until. Then open up the part of the connector, and it is better to insert the thinner one more than 20 cm. In order to prevent the interface from breaking, nylon wire or fine metal wire can be used to wrap multiple turns at the interface, and the winding length should be at least 10 cm or more, and then paint varnish or wrap a plastic bag on the outside of the coil.

In order to protect the bamboo pole from being eaten by insects, tung oil or varnish can be painted on the outside of the pole, and the inside of the pole can also be painted with tung oil. The longer the bamboo rod is used, the better the luster will be. After many years, the rod is purple-red, which is more beautiful and beautiful.