How do you protect greenhouses from wind?

How to prevent the greenhouse film from being damaged by the strong wind?

First of all, let’s analyze what a greenhouse that uses plastic film looks like. There are roughly three types of greenhouses.

Greenhouse Film
Greenhouse Film

1. Spring and Autumn Greenhouses are also called ground sheds

The structure of such a greenhouse is very simple because it is used in the spring and autumn and belongs to the cold shed. The overall composition is a round tube skeleton and a film, the shape is semi-circular, and the outside is covered with a film.

Such spring and autumn greenhouses are most likely to be damaged by strong winds. If the door is blown open, it becomes like a kite, and the air inlet can directly overturn the greenhouse. It is recommended to pay more attention to wind protection during use.

2. Solar Greenhouse

Solar greenhouses are commonly used in winter vegetable greenhouses. The structure is mainly made of solid brick walls, a few-character steel frame, film, thermal insulation quilt, etc., so that the greenhouse structure film is not easy to be damaged by strong winds, and it is generally used for about 2-3 years.

3. Multi-span membrane greenhouse

Both the hot-dip galvanized round pipe and the half-dome covering material are plastic films. It is similar in shape to a simple spring and autumn greenhouse, but such a multi-span film greenhouse has a cement foundation, which makes the skeleton installation more solid, and the greenhouse film is not easily damaged.

Among the three types of greenhouses, the most easily damaged plastic film is the spring and autumn greenhouse. It is recommended to dismantle it when not in use and use it the next year.