Four factors that will affect the greenhouse film

Greenhouse film is widely used in facility agricultural production and construction. There are more and more types of greenhouse film, the quality is also uneven, and the service life is also long and short. The following four factors will affect the service life of the greenhouse film, and you should pay attention to it.

Installation method:

the agricultural film should be tightened evenly and moderately when the greenhouse film is installed. Agricultural film is not tight, to the strong wind shed film will continue to beat the skeleton quickly causing damage to aging phenomenon. If it is summer, the installation of agricultural film does not need to be too tight, so as not to reduce the temperature in winter when the shed film contraction will tear; If it is winter construction, the film should be tightened to avoid summer expansion.

High temperature environment:

exposed to high temperature environment, the part in contact with the skeleton is easy to form hot spots. Its highest temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius, the shed film will be especially easy to aging damage, the film directly covered with sunshade net will accelerate the aging of the film. In the skeleton and membrane contact place can be tied up with white plastic tape, cloth, to avoid high temperature agricultural film damage.

Shed film thickness: 

the thicker the film thickness, the longer the aging resistance time. Due to ultraviolet light shed film aging, with uv absorbent films can absorb ultraviolet light is converted into heat energy, the river can effectively prolong the aging time, like membrane coated with a layer of protection layer, and mends the molecular structure, so the choice of uv absorbent and uv stabilizer films.


 some pesticides and fungicides containing sulfur or chlorine will destroy the stability of agricultural film quality and seriously reduce the service life of agricultural film.

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