Crack resistance of Fiberglass grating

FRP grating is widely used, you can often see in daily life, many customers in the choice of FRP grating, will ask how the crack resistance of FRP grating, Next, let’s talk about the crack resistance of FRP grating.

FRP grating is different from wooden plate and metal plate. FRP grating has strong ductility. It is not prone to rupture or deformation when subjected to sufficient high operating pressure. The ductility is strong, so the relative anti-cracking fiber working ability is high. Although the anti-cracking fiber working ability does not significantly improve the overall bearing capacity of the plate, the relative reliability is much higher.

FRP grating is a kind of unsaturated aliphatic polyester resin with glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion chemical fiber, after production and processing and make it a more Spaces of plate tectonics, because among them with glass fiber, thus has very good corrosion resistance, also prompted in some often very easy to erosion, but it must be natural ventilation and drainage engineering project application.


Due to the application of fiberglass anti-corrosion chemical fibers and epoxy resin, in which some other chemicals are added, it has great compressive strength and ductility, is generally more resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and is not easy to crush, can resist certain working pressure.

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