Characteristics and application of FRP grating

The main advantages of FRP grating cover plate are as follows:

1, FRP grating cover plate corrosion resistance
Different resin properties give different corrosion resistance of FRP, so that it can be used for a long time in the corrosive environment of different acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, gas and liquid medium.
2, light and high strength
The perfect combination of alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin gives the product unique characteristics of light weight and high strength, the proportion of the product is 1/4 of steel, suitable for various bearing structures in corrosive environment.
3, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille cover plate aging resistance
The product is made of high quality matrix resin and anti-aging additive, so that the product has durable anti-aging performance, can maintain long-term light and sustained high strength, and the service life is more than 20 years.
4. Designability
In addition to the flexible design properties of FRP, the color of the product can be customized according to customer requirements, and the dimensions can also be cut and spliced to customer requirements.
5, FRP grating safety anti-skid
High elastic modulus and different surface effects make the grille has anti-skid performance, slight elasticity to reduce the fatigue of staff, double plane, sand surface, diamond cover plate, different surfaces to provide anti-skid performance for different occasions.
6, the electrical performance of FRP grating is good
Glass fiber and high performance resin earn excellent electrical performance of the product, the product penetration strength can reach 10kV /mm, no electric spark when metal tools fight; The product is non-magnetic and can be safe in anti-electromagnetic and anti-explosion environment.

Application situation:

1. Petrochemical industry: because of the excellent corrosion resistance of FRP, in petroleum, water conservancy, textile printing and dyeing, food
Processing, electronic industry, sewage treatment, shipbuilding, civil construction, power engineering, power substation, chemical industry
The industry is widely used in stairs, handrails, operating platforms, passageways, drainage systems, submarine identification marks, oil Wells pumping
Oil rod, all kinds of anti-corrosion support.
2. Power: Due to its superior performance, extruded profiles are widely used as insulating supporting members and high voltage cable Bridges
Frame, antenna column, high voltage current operating rod.
3.Transportation: used as layering, corner plate in trains and cars, and also used as highway guardrail, Sound-absorbing board, anti-dazzle board.
4. Construction: can be used as roof support, building guardrail, door, window frame.
Fiberglass grille is usually used as floor, walkway, working platform, ladle, ditch cover, etc., is wet
It is the primary product in slippery environment, humid and hot rust-prone area and corrosion-prone area. Such as electroplating plant, cooling tower, dock engineering,
Sewage treatment plants, etc.
Water treatment: overhaul aisle, sewer cover plate, large
Container, cleaner, sewage grid, flume, biochemical water treatment pool hanging equipment, ventilation window, stairs, cooling tower operation
Make table pavement.
Chemical plant: stair sliding board, operation platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover plate, filter grid petroleum industry:
Offshore oil platform textile factory: replace metal grating, wooden platform and cover cement floor, dyeing cylinder side, floor,
Wait near the valve
Power plant: chemical water workshop trench cover plate, waste water pool and other metal surface treatment: acid washing liquid place, machine
Around alternative wood flooring, around highly corrosive containers, electroplated line walkways, double floors.
Marine food processing plant: greasy surface and other harsh environment. Shipping industry: platform, ship deck,
Walkways, yachts, stairs fall board. Beverage industry: stairs fall board, replace expensive stainless steel, loaded floor.
Pulp processing plant: stairs and floor, floor walkway, high humidity.
Electronic industry: trench cover plate, pickling workshop. Anti-static (anti-static grid) and high cleanliness workshop
Meat processing plant: easy to corrosion floor, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair board other: corrosion resistance

Shelves, decoration, square fountain, scaffolding, civil building facilities, breeding fence and double floor, etc.

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