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Wellcowholesale is an online wholesale Store, satisfies your needs from our multi-industry product portfolio of agricultural, FRP Profile, bedding, patio & home decor, furniture, and cleaning goods.

Our complete and efficient supply chain system, complete product and service life cycle management, from product research and development to market sales, after-sales service, involving all aspects of market research, product design, trial production, technological process, material supply, sales, and after-sales service, we provide a comprehensive monitoring and management mechanism. Our company takes the highest quality product and the service will serve wholeheartedly as the general customers.

Ecopultrusion—FRP Profile Supplier

Excellent raw material supply chain, ensures low production investment:
More than 25 years’ fiberglass pultrusion experience, holds industrial leading production technology.
High efficient management system, covering raw material purchase, inquiry and order handling, design and production, quality inspection and control,transportation and after-sale service.
All factories are ISO certified, promising high quality. Low quality means high investment for customers.

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