Electric insulator & Electric box

FRP electric insulator is pressed by unsaturated polyester tree glass fiber reinforced plastic (BMC) (SMC). 

The product has excellent insulation performance, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability. Mainly used for high and low voltage distribution cabinets, frequency converters, distribution boxes, supporting connecting busbars, etc.

FRP electric insulator
FRP electric box

FRP electric box is made of reinforced unsaturated polyester resin plastic film, which is molded at one time under high temperature and high pressure, which is incomparable to other metal and plastic meter boxes.

  • Sunscreen and UV protection: Grade A fiberglass panels are used, which will not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, and are transparent and clear.
  • Fire and flame retardant: V2 grade flame retardant material is used to effectively prevent open flames from burning.
  • Good waterproof and tightness: the board is thick and sealed, and the waterproof performance is good.

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