Landscape Garden Film

Product Feature

1.Made from high quality PE

2.Earlier and higher yields, promote growth up to 12%

3.Provides excellent weed control, suppress the growth of weeds by blocking the sunlight

4.Great to use with an irrigation system, more convenient and effective

5.Keep the temperature and moisture of soil, reduce the harm to plants

6.Eco-friendly product

Product Describtion

Agfabric agricultural plastic mulch cover black mulching film
Black film is made of high quality PE material which is UV resistant and widely used in agriculture.

1. Increase soil temperature, conserve soil moisture, keep soil structure, help plants absorb more nutrition and fertilizer.
2. Prevent diseases caused by crop pest,promote growth up to 12%.
3. Light is shut out, suppress the growth of the weed.
4. Keeps the soil moist and warm, 4%-10% more effective that normal film.
5. Protects the plant from frost.

Usage: Plastic mulch film is widely used in strawberry/garlic/rose/watermelon/tomato/green onion/beets/sunflower/wheat/corn /cottonand other crops and trees /flowers/seeding and other ground cover. 

The add of additive can attain special effects of protecting and enhance the crops growing environment.