EcoStake Garden Plant Clips For Flower And Vegetables

1.EcoStake Plant Clips is made with durable plastic,long lasting.

2.Quick and easy to use as paper clips,lever loops hold plant stems to plant supports

3.Ideal for supporting plant stems growth,suitable for trees ,flowers and other plants

4.EcoStake provide a variety of garden plant accessories:Plant Twist Tie,tie tape,butterfly-shape plant clips ,round-shape plant clips ,round-shape plant clips ,vine clips ,Plastic Grafting Clips,Grafting Tape

5.Also provide a variety of colors options:green,red,white,black,crystal,brown and more.

Shatex Shade Fabric Clips

Products name
Shade Fabric Clips 12pack, 20pack, 24pack, 36pack, 40pack, 50pack, 100pack



Shark-shape Shade Fabric Clips 24pack,48pack, 60pack, 100pack black
Butterfly-shape Shade Fabric Clips 20pack,40pack,60pack,100pack


1.Shatex Shade Fabric Clips made from High Quality material

2.High Quality material,UV stablized for long life

3.Gripping teeth designed,holds fabric tight to ensure a secure attachment.

4.Fast and easy way to attach and remove, Reusable

5.Attaching shade cloth to chain link fence and cables perfectly

6.Can be used with any Shatex shade fabric or other HDPE shade fabric

Clamp For greenhouse,row cover,neting,Tunnel Hoop Clips

1.Ideal for greenhouses, row covers, shelters, shade cloth and more

2.UV stabilized and frost resistant

3.Clamps have higher temperature resistance and gripping strength

4.Clamps for frequent and long term use