Service is one of our advantages.
we can produce and supply glass fiber composites based on your SPEC. No matter how big or small,how thick or thin,
we can customize for you.


Partnership is welcomed for our farming and gardening products nationwide, and we provide highly competitive wholesale price that ensure win-win-win opportunity, for you, for us and our end users.


Is available by utilizing our 90,000 SF big warehouse in California, plus our long-term carriers for timely delivery to your designated shipping address. We help you save space and costs.


the platform is the way we supply our products such as gardening goods, comforters, bikes, etc. to diversify your supplies to consumers. Either party's warehouse and shipments could be utilized.


is one of our strengths since we have our own production lines and manufacturing partners that support mass production so we stand very competitive in pricing. You are also welcomed to visit our warehouse store to see the products or we send you the samples.
how can we help you?

Your questions will be answered within 24 hours!

Besides our standard products, we could also customize and prioritize your orders.
Visit our warehouse and on-site store for checking the samples, picking up or purchasing.