Wellcoindustries is a diversified innovative company that specializes in providing high-quality solutions across various domains, including fiberglass composite materials, solar equipment accessories, and hardware manufacturing.

We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services to meet the needs of different industries.

Moreover, we have gained extensive experience in the field of tendering and bidding.

Core Business Areas

1.Fiberglass Composite Materials:

As a leading manufacturer of fiberglass composite materials,we offer innovative materials and engineering solutions. 

Our composite materials find widespread applications in construction,aerospace, automotive industries, sports equipment, and more. 

With a technologically advanced team, we can customize composite materials to meet specific requirements, providing lightweight, high-strength, and durable solutions.

2.Solar Equipment Accessories:

We possess in-depth expertise in the solar energy field, offering manufacturing and supply of solar equipment accessories.

This includes solar panel supports, cables, connectors, and more.

Our products help clients capture solar energy effectively, promoting the utilization of renewable energy sources.

3. Hardware Manufacturing:

As a partner in hardware manufacturing, we provide high-quality production services, including mold manufacturing, stamping, sheet metal processing, and welding. We prioritize quality and precision to meet clients’ exacting requirements.

Fiberglass Composite Materials
Solar Equipment Accessories
Hardware Manufacturing

Tendering Experience

Wellcoindustries has extensive experience in tendering and bidding, successfully participating in and winning numerous projects.

We understand the tendering process, possess the capability to prepare competitive bids, and offer comprehensive technical support.

We uphold integrity and transparency in our dealings and have established long-term partnerships with government agencies, institutions, and private enterprises.

Why Choose Us

Diverse Solutions:

Our diversified business spans multiple domains, offering clients one-stop solutions.

Excellence in Quality: 

We pursue excellence in quality to ensure clients receive enduring and reliable products and services.


We continuously seek innovation, driving industry advancements and providing clients with the latest solutions.

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