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Agfabric is a professional supplier of agricultural fabric, which includes shade cloth, weed barrier, row cover, garden netting, bird netting, frost protection bag, hail netting and etc. Agfabric aims to provide all purpose plant protection and plant cover solution, as well as standard and customized designs. Our research and development team is dedicating all their efforts to launching new and garden and nursery products in a bit to benefit its customers.

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EZ2hang Side Wall Shade is a perfect choice for most families. Made of high-desnity breathable UV resistant shade cloth, it can effectively block the sunlight and protect from the UV rays.

We have designed the solar sun shades to cover your home and patio, which can be applied as indoor shades and outdoor shades since 1998. We have various styles to meet your requirements of size, color, style and fabric material at competitive prices.


With 15 years’ experience in the field of garden stakes, we have been engaged in providing high quality products at reasonable prices to customers in the long term. Ecostake includes different stakes, such as fiberglass stake, metal stake, stake accessory and etc. It can be applied for tomato stakes, young plant supporting, eggplant stakes, pole bean stakes and tree stakes which is also great for building trellises or teepee for natural climbing plant support. 


Ecotrellis makes supporting system easier for your garden and farm work, with which is perfect to display and support your vine plants as they grow to full height. It includes Mini Trellis, Metal Netting Trellis, cucumber Trellis Kit, U-style Garden Climbing Trellis, A-frame Trellis, Expandable Trellis, Arch Trellis, Squash Trellis, Raspberry Trellis and etc. Our trellis helps plants grow heathier and prettier, such as Clematis, Passion Flower, Morning Glory and Royal Plum Cathedral Bells. Remember to install your trellis before the plants start to climb and you'll enjoy it all season long.

V proteck

Which is a series of fence products manufactured by Wellco. V proteck welding wire mesh has great anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties. It's nice and easy to install, which can be widely used in many different fields such as industry, agriculture, municipal and transportation.

Mr. Garden

Specialize in home and garden field for over 10 years, Wellco has a professional team to provide you with the top design and high quality products at competitive prices. Excellent services and fast delivery are guaranteed.


In a bit to extend your harvest into the fall or get an early start for spring vegetables, the tunnel effectively creates a warm environment for plants and allows water and sunlight to transmit at meanwhile. Our Rowtunnel products protects crops, vegetables and plants against frost, harsh, animals and pests, which can also be applied as a mini greenhouse in the summer. With over 16 years of working experience and extensive testing in the laboratory and field, we claim that we make the best hoop on the market. As for the material covered above, it is made of plastic, fleece, shade cloth and netting, which has various applications and functions in all seasons, which includes frost protection, sun protection and insect barrier.


Which is an experienced manufacturer of shade cloth, shade sails, outdoor curtains and shade panel. Specialized in home and garden field for over 10 years, Shatex has a professional team to provide you with the top design and high quality products at competitive prices. Excellent services and fast delivery are guaranteed.

As greenhouse effect is prevailing during recent years all through the world, summer is becoming increasing hot at certain areas. People would rather stay at home to avoid sun-burn and UV rays. Plants, especially sensitive plants, have to struggle with the intense heat and harmful rays. However, for this summer, you will no longer worry about these problems, for shade cloth can block intensive sun light, thus makes a cooler and safer environment for both human being and plants.

Advantages of shade cloth includes easy installation, long lifespan, lightweight, stylish colors and surfaces and versatility. It can protect children's playing areas, swimming pools, back yards, patios, decks and etc. What’s more, shade cloth can be used as fences to keep private.

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