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Covering Material
1.What does the % number mean?

That number represents the amount of light that will be blocked by the cloth. We call it "shade density."

2.Can I order custom shade cloth sizes?

Yes, shade cloth can be ordered in custom sizes. If needed,  To special order custom  size shade cloth, call our Product Support Department at 1-800-874-4755.

Growing Supplies
1.How to Use Growing Bags for Plants?

1)Obtain or make your growing bag,

2)Position the bag where you will grow your plants,

3)Plant shallow-rooted plants in the bag,

4)Keep the bag well watered,

5)Make the most of the space,

6)Add more nutrients as the season moves on,

7)Prop up tall plants as needed

Plant Support System
1.Do these have to be cemented in the ground?

Not necessary but this may depend on your soil

2.How far apart should the stakes be for raspberry bushes?

The distance we recommend is 8ft~12ft

Plant Support System
1.What is taping?

Taping refers to finishing the edge of the shade cloth. A reinforced material is sewn around the border of the shade cloth. This adds support when installing grommets.

2.How far apart should the grommets be?

The most common spacing is every 2 feet. Any combination can be used.

3.What are grommets?

Grommets are a protective eyelet that reinforces the border of the shade cloth and can be used to secure your shade cloth.

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