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Flood Barrier

 Burlap Roll

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Product Feature

1.100% Natural jute burlap with rustic fabric more suitable for home and garden decoration

2.Durable and stable 12oz weight Material worked well for erosion control

3.A warm garden fabric warpped for tree protection

4.Perfect fabric being used as ribbon or art & craft tasks

5.Sewing to pieces for table runners and placements decoration 

Product name

Burlap Roll


5yd, 20yd, 30yd, 50yd, 60yd


  70yd, 80yd, 90yd, 100yd




Product Describtion

Burlap Roll is ideal for garden and household projects, which made with 100% natural garden fabric being in favor by our customers.Our sizes expanded from 40" to 60" wide, and 5yd to 100yd long.Widely used in many application. Such as Craft fabric can be cutted into DIY sizes for your art tasks. Ribbon a great gift idea to be presented to your garden friends. Erosion control worked as weed barrier fabric to maintain mositures. Tree protection alternative material to be warped as plant cover for trees in winter Make best choice for the right sizes which you needed, and also you can cut it into pieces for other purpose if you do not mind the cutting edges.

erosion control

Flood Barrier 

erosion control erosion control erosion control


Product Feature

1.Made of high density canvas, reasonable structure, strong and durable, corrosion and water resistant

2.Used for flood control, emergency rescue, flood-prone factories, tunnels, underground parking lots, road construction, bridge

3.Precise workmanship, strict needle, not easy to crack

4.Wide mouth for easy filling, rope for tightening

5.Can be reused after full drying if the bag is still in good condition after using

Product Namespecificationpackcolor

Flood Barrier 

14x26 inch






10x16 inch
18x30 inch

Product Describtion

Earth Tack Flood Barrier Sandbag. Flood protection sandbags are always used for flood barrier, emergency rescue, roads construction, bridges construction and flood-prone areas like underground parking lot, tunnels. It will protect your home or business place in the event of flooding. Our product is made of high quality canvas fabrics, precise workmanship, strict needle, not easy to crack, can be used for a long time. if the sandbag is still in good condition with no holes after using, it can be used after full drying. There is a wide mouth in one side, easy filling, and with a rope for tightening. 

erosion control

Water Absorbent Flood Barrier

erosion control erosion control erosion control

Product Feature

1.No sand and extensive labor required, saving time and manpower effectively

2.Outer cover is heavy duty 100% Natural liner fabric, inner cover is non woven bags - Inside is eco-friendly, non-toxic, absorbent polymers

3.100% environmental protection material, can be natural degradation after using

4.Fully expand in 3-5 minutes when immersed in water or self inflate by absorbing fresh water

Product Name

Water Absorbent Flood Barrier

 8", 12"

18", 20"

20", 24"

36", 60" 


Product Describtion

Water Absorbent Flood Barrier,Swell bags are different from traditional sandbags, no sand and extensive manpower or equipment needed to move and manage.The outer cover, inner bag and the filler are all 100% environmentally safe and disposable.Non-toxic and non-pollution, environmentally friendly. The inner bag is non woven bag which can lock water with no leakage.Each bag inflates up to approximately 44 pounds in 3-5 minutes of submersion in water; provides about 400 pound resistant force when fully inflated.Applicable to temporarily controlling water in basement, underground facilities like parking garages, highways, construction sites.Earth Tack is one of the brands under DCP Resources. The main purpose of this brand is to help people handle well in ground management. So the products are mainly about erosion control, such as geotextile, large size natural burlap, water absorbent flood barrier, flood barrier sand bag, etc. The philosophy of our company is innovation, economy and environmental protection. And our research and development team will be working to find consumers’ new demand to better benefit our customers. We are committed to providing every customer with the best shopping experience.

erosion control

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